Pay only $17.99 per month and you get 300 minutes!

How It Works

When receiving inmate calls from federal prisons, state prisons, county jails and parish prisons, you will be charged more for the call the further you are from the inmate.  All facilities, either directly or along with contracted phone companies, charge exorbitant fees for long distance inmate telephone calls. The further from the prison your phone number is, the higher the cost of your call will be!

The Power of the Local Call:

We provide you with a local phone number near the prison or jail where your loved one is incarcerated.  This allows you or your inmate to obtain the lowest rate possible for the same inmate phone call.  For Federal inmate calling that is a savings of 74% or nearly $650.00 annually.

If you have to deal with a state or local facility and use one of the pre-paid calling services (Global Tel Link, Pay Tel, Value Added Communications, etc.) you likely will still use them.  However, the total cost of your call will drop dramatically since they are billed at the lower local rate.  No longer will you be subjected to the outrageous long-distance inmate call rates these companies charge.

You are here to save money- yours and your inmates- on calls home.  Learning how prisons and jails handle inmate phone calls will allow you to significantly lower the costs you have to pay for important inmate calls.


I just want to say this is by far the best service.  I’ve saved around $900 this month alone. Information is updated instantly and the staff is very professional and helpful. THANKS!
Jill M. (St. Louis,MO)