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Customer Testimonials

We are very proud of our service and often receive feedback from our satisfied customers.  Feel free to take a look at what some of them had to say about Cheap Inmate Calls.  All customer comments are published exactly as they were submitted to us.  Want to tell the world about Cheap Inmate Calls?  Feel free to contact us with any feedback you would like to share.

“Thank you, Your make it possible for my son to call everyday. Without your service he would not be able to. My grandson is now in jail and he can use this also. It makes it easier for our loved ones to be able to call but also for use to know they are OK. Thank you again for providing such a wonderful service. Thanks so much!”
Barbara J. (Minneapolis,MN)

I am very happy with the service that your company has allowed me to use. CheapInmateCalls is an answer to a prayer for my family. The first year that our son was in jail, our phone bills were over four hundred dollars a month; I did not know about your company. Our son has now gone on to prison AND I have found your company. Using CheapInmateCalls lets me save abut twenty four dollars per phone call. I am very grateful for CheapInmateCalls. Thank you and God bless you.
Amanda C. (Phoenix,Arizona)

“Thank you Cheap Inmate Calls. I can’t believe the money saved. It is nice to talk to my son every day so I know he is doing ok. It sure helps him knowing he can call. This has made it possible for us to stay in touch and for me to help him through this. I have told others about this and how much they will save.”
JoAnne M. (Corpus Christi,TX)

I got my account with CheapInmateCalls a few weeks ago. Although I am having a problem with him being able to add the number to his phone list I am looking forward to saving money on our calls so he and our two year old can talk everyday. Thank you Cheap Inmate Calls for realizing that the children of the inmates still love them and need them in their lives until they can get home again.
Alexis S. (Knoxville,TN)

I just signed up with Cheap Inmate Calls and I hope that it does provide me with the savings that it shares. I have read a lot of you all testimonial and they have been helpful with my decision making here at Cheap Inmate Calls. Thanks for all your advises. I will let you know how I like it.
Mark J. (Santa Fe,NM)

“I want to Thank you for your service. I set-up a debit account for my son to call me at the prison where he is being housed. With the number that your company gave me and the $60 dollars per year I put on his account, I am saving about $330.00 a month.I copied your information off the internet and sent it to my son. He is passing it around to other inmates. He said that he wants them and their families to save on their calls home also. So Koodoos to you Cheap Inmate Calls. And God Bless You All.”
Kenny L. (Albany,NY)

I would like to thank the staff of CheapInmateCalls. My phone bill has gone down from 600 dollar a month to 80 dollars! Thanks!
Jacob N. (Houston,TX)

“First I want to say thanks to all of the staff of CheapInmateCalls. You guys are the best! You are always very friendly and very helpful. To anyone thinking of starting up with this service let me just say they mean every word they say. It is very affordable and it is really unbelievable, especially compared to what I used to pay. They really play a BIG part when it comes to keeping me connected with my hubby whom I love so much. And of course, with him being away, our communication is extremely important. It’s even better that the calls are So cheap. I even referred my friend who is another happy customer. *Thanks Cheap Inmate Calls*”
Amanda F. (New Jersey)